Start with Thanks

I have such appreciation for the writer with a blinking cursor on a brand new blank page as he or she sits down to start his or her story. There are unlimited ways to start it must feel daunting. As I sit here to write my first blog post for The Boedeker Group it feels much the same. There are many relevant examples of what has worked in product development, market development and marketing (as well as examples of what hasn't) over the last 15 years that is relevant to share here, and I will on a regular basis - that's the purpose of this blog, but the best place to begin The Boedeker Group is easy - with thanks.

Thank you to my colleagues and friends from my earliest days as a sales representative, through product development and market development positions to the Managing Director role. Thanks for the coaching, guidance, support, disagreements, criticisms, and debates we've had throughout the years; every interaction with you has helped hone my craft and fuel my passion for this industry and I wouldn't be starting this new venture without you. You are the most creative and intelligent group of people I know and I am proud of what we have built together.

Deciding to take a new path isn't easy but the support from colleagues, friends, and family has been amazing and has turned a dream into a reality. Thank you.

Finally, thank you for those who have found your way to this first post. I am building a company around a simple but important premise - knowing your customers best will help you create and launch successful products.

If you are in the process of building or marketing products in the education or ed tech space and would like to speak about how my experience and background could benefit your team, please reach out through the contact page. I would be thankful if you could also share with your network.

Thanks again!  Now, let's get started….