"Better the Ball"

I’m only 5’6 so while I haven't asked directly, I am guessing that when people see me they don’t immediately think - volleyball player! But, I am. I started in 3rd grade, played in college and while I may not be running the fastest offense in my weekly over-40 league, I still love playing.

So, forgive me my first sports analogy, but today as I was talking through a project with someone on my team I could hear my college coach in the background saying -as she did at every setters only practice we had every day before the full team practice - over and over- “better the ball.” That’s the goal of the setter; whatever you are given, your job is to "better the ball."

Of course a setter would love that every single pass lands right by the net just right of center of the court, but that doesn’t usually happen. Passers miss the mark. The other team has a really strong server/strong hitters. The team isn’t communicating; there are many reasons why the pass can be off, but as a setter you aren’t given the luxury to stop the play and say “Hey team, can you please get your pass perfect? I’m right here. Let’s try that again.” Instead, we take whatever is thrown at us and do our best to put up a ball that our attackers can hit.  If the pass isn’t perfect it may limit the options of the type of offense we can run, but we can still make the ball better. We can still attack. We can still win the point.

Better the Ball in Business

And as I was talking through this project, it hit me - what we do for our clients is this exactly. We better the ball. There’s any number of reasons why the projects we’re working on are with us; they are key first-to-market launches that need a lot of product and market development work, they’re important re-launches and the team needs additional support, the team is stretched and simply can’t do everything they need to do in order for the launch to be successful, they don’t have this expertise, the team is in flux, etc., etc., clients hire us for a lot of different reasons.

Each project is in a different place. Some have completed all of their market research and know the market segment they’re targeting, have all of their documents lined up and just need someone to execute. We can do that. Some have brand new people on the team and they aren’t sure what exactly they need so they need someone to create the plans and execute them. We can do that. Some just know they don’t have the time to put everything into the project that they need to, but they need the project to be successful so they look for a team they can partner with and trust. That’s when they reach out to us.

But what they need from us, what they expect from us, is the same;  whatever we’re given, we make it better. Contact us at gina@theboedekergroup.com or message me here to learn how our integrated product/market development approach can have a positive impact on your upcoming product launches!