The Boedeker Group is a boutique consulting firm that provides specialty services for companies creating and launching educational technology products.

We are built around a simple yet critical premise for delivering successful product launches and happy customers: know your customers best and ensure they are at the center of all product and marketing decisions you make. 



Our Services



Building on our years of experience across all areas of the educational technology industry, we help customers build and execute business plans with a focus on increasing digital sales, activations and overall revenue. This includes brand development, portfolio and pipeline review, product and program evaluation, market information and overall strategy consultations.



The Boedeker Group offers a number of qualitative and quantitative research activities to gather the information your team needs to develop an in-depth understanding of the market. The deep analysis we provide ensures that you are targeting and investing in the right customers throughout the market development and product development process.



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The key to successful product and market development sounds simple – know your customers better than your competitors do – but it requires a disciplined approach to achieve. Our instructional design team works closely with you to ensure the needs of the learner and the end goals of the instructional materials are met. We bring potential customers into the process early and often, and create and execute strategic and customized levels of engagement throughout the whole process. Our approach to customer engagement and our focus on improving learner outcomes leads to successful launches and long-term, satisfied users.




The Boedeker Group works closely with your marketing team to create unique value propositions for your products, develop, refine and test messaging, run product launches, create innovative campaigns, and ensure that the sales team knows how to talk about your product and your market knows how to use and implement it. We work with your team to create a series of strategic customer engagements and ensure that tactical follow-through is completed to set your team up for successful first-to-market or revision launches.

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