With over 15 years of experience this is what Gina's peers and clients have to say about her.

I’ve been working with Gina and her team for several months and I can’t say enough great things. It takes a marketing ninja to be able to seamlessly tackle both strategic and tactical level marketing details on an hourly basis in the start-up world. Gina is agile, smart and incredibly collaborative. Gina has taken ownership of some very hairy projects and makes the lives of our sales and product teams much easier. I appreciate her sense of urgency and her commitment to really understanding our business. She has made a big impact in a short amount of time and we love being able to work with her at EdgeMakers. I highly recommend working with Gina.
— Jenny Maxwell - SVP Global Partnerships at EdgeMakers, Inc.
Gina Boedeker is a true partner. A creative, customer-centered thinker, who has mastered the art of listening. She is an immediate asset to any company or team and has the rare ability to dissect complex problems and market conditions to find simple and actionable solutions.

She is one of the most talented and passionate individuals I have had the pleasure of working with and I highly recommend her and her consulting group.
— Patrick Brown - VP Marketing at Waggle
Gina Boedeker is among the most reliable product and marketing minds in the business. During our time together at McGraw-Hill, I observed firsthand Gina’s entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable abilities in her multiple positions of increased responsibility and span of control. Central to her success is a relentless pursuit of understanding every customer and each unique use case. She test and re-tests assumptions and proposed solutions. She engenders trust and cultivates relationships easily, is naturally curious, and isn’t afraid to take risks to create meaningful products with clever branding and associated marketing campaigns. Gina is hyper-organized and consistently executes on her plans—always on time, usually early. Gina was considered a role model by her colleagues and by senior leadership, having grown market share and consistently launching new products that exceeded their top- and bottom-line forecasts. Finally, Gina exhibits uncommon humility and humanity and celebrates the success of others generously. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

— Steve Debow - CEO at LingroLearning
Gina pays a great attention to detail and can quickly get to the core of a complex situation by asking the right questions. By really listening to the responses and understanding the data, she helps to elicit detailed requirements and definition of scope. By always keeping the broader vision and goals of the organization in mind, she was successful in facilitating consensus among stakeholders.
— Susan Pierre-Louis - Sr. Digital Product Analyst at Mcgraw-Hill Education
In my experience working with Gina she proved herself to be not only intelligent and honest but also devoted to developing content that was wholly focused on the customer’s needs. With careful listening and insightful follow-up questions, Gina can often lead a client to “a-ha” moments just with her line of questioning. Combine that with her ability to learn and understand new businesses and organizational structures and you have a great start to your product’s development or marketing strategy. Her experience in developing and marketing successful products—on a timeline and under budget—is an added bonus to her ability to work with you in a collaborative fashion.
— Teresa Davis - Director, Sales Training and Development at Maritz Travel
I’m so honored that I had the opportunity to know and work directly with Gina over the past several years. Aside from being a class act and a model leader, I’m mostly inspired by her patience, empathy, and compassion while navigating through uncertainty and change. She commits herself completely in the initiatives she assumes and she has deep understanding of our business. You can count on her experience in nearly all things digital, editorial and marketing
— Scott Davidson - Managing Director at McGraw-Hill Education
Gina and I worked together at McGraw-Hill Education as Brand Managers and then as Managing Directors. Gina’s positive attitude, problem-solving aptitude and willingness to tackle any problem no matter the size stand out as among her greatest strengths. As a Brand Manager, her laser focus on the customers’ needs allowed her to cut through the noise and create highly successful products. In her tenure creating these digital programs she was recognized for the best launch of a new product, best first-to-market program, and recognized individually as Brand Manager of the Year. The team she led also won Product Team of the Year in 2015. She left MHE to start The Boedeker Group, and while MHE will feel the loss of a talented leader, clients who hire her will benefit from her experience and her attitude
— Susan Gouijnstook - Managing Director at McGraw-Hill Education
Gina Boedeker is my go-to guru when it comes to all things publishing. Over the past decade or so, I’ve worked with Gina on a number of projects in a variety capacities during her rise within the publishing industry. Whenever we work together, I feel like Gina provides me with her undivided attention, as if my project is the most important thing in the world to her at the time. She offers thoughtful, substantive feedback. She is attentive to both short-term and long-term objectives. I even appreciate her capacity to compassionately say the hard thing that I might not always want to hear, but which makes my project better. She can do so because she seems to have an intuitive knack for grasping the core message and goals of my projects. I also very much appreciate her ability to navigate the various levels of project development—from content development, to dealing with the publishing bureaucracy, to project completion, and everything in between. Her comprehensive knowledge of how best to do so comes as a result of her years of experience in the field. I would gladly work with her again and recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate, hard-working, committed professional to provide wise guidance leading to project success.
— Jon Witt - Author and Professor of Sociology at Central College
I am so delighted to speak of Gina Boedeker’s many professional attributes when it comes to guiding someone in producing the best education and information products.

I have worked with Gina Boedeker for ten years as she has overseen multiple editions of the four sociology programs I author. They are in multiple editions and continue to enjoy success at two-year colleges, four-year schools, and universities in a highly competitive marketplace due in a large part to Gina’s oversight.

In publishing and managing information platforms in a time of rapid changing digital formats, Gina is at top of the game. She relates so well to her colleagues and many industry contacts who respect the breadth of her knowledge. She knows where to go to move products and effectively reach the appropriate audience. Significantly in a changing marketplace, Gina had the pulse of where electronic media are heading and the personality to relate to the experts and consultants that can help advance the work.

I have been fortunate to benefit from Gina Boedeker’s expertise and am excited to learn of the opportunities she can provide for others.
— Richard T. Schaefer - Author and Professor of Sociology at De Paul University