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Our proven research approach yields actionable insights to help your business succeed


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Research turns great ideas into concrete reality. Learn the seven keys for successful research that help you harness accurate and targeted market insights.


How should I position my product/service in the market?
How is my target audience responding to my product/service?
What changes should I make to the product/service I’m building?
Why do my target customers use my competitor’s product/service?


As specialists in market insights and research in education and learning, we use our proven processes to gather data to help you define your target market, know what they care about, and use that knowledge to create best-selling products and services. We expertly craft and execute each project to get the insights you need to meet your precise business needs.


Understanding human nature and behavior. Easy, right? TBG helps you learn what’s important to your
customers, and why.


You want to create the best product or service in your space. No sweat! TBG asks the right questions to get the data you need to do just that.


Know your market. Target the right customers. Sell the
right things to the right people and grow your business. TBG is there with you at every step.


You want it all. From
brainstorm to concept
testing to expanding market share and everything in- between,TBG is here for it!


In-depth insights reports that reveal detailed trends. Executive summaries and professionally designed presentation decks that highlight salient takeaways. Individualized sales summaries with actionable steps to move the sales process forward. The Boedeker Group delivers insights with a level of detail tailored to your project and budget, all with the goal of helping you advance your business.

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I worked with the Boedeker Group when I lost an in-house Market Development staff member and needed someone who could take the projects off my plate completely. When I first started with TBG, I was a little worried because the launch seemed to take a little longer than I was used to . . . but it turned out this is a signature move of TBG. Gina and her team take the time initially to ensure they understand you, your needs, and your project, and then they work independently and well. I’ve never had such a great hands-off experience. The final deliverables were polished, professional, and full of useful insights and actionable data. It turned out that spending a little extra time early on made for a smooth and easy process. A breath of fresh air, truly.

Claire Brantley

Senior Marketing Manager, Bedford, Freeman, & Worth High School Publishers

Gina and her team clearly have the background and experience with insight efforts to ensure a great experience for both customers and clients. Her process is spot-on, and her execution during conversations is completely aligned with the plan. Post-event, the data and summaries provided helped us quickly zero in on just the nuggets we needed to inform strategy and decision-making. I highly recommend TBG for projects where getting close to customers, getting your hands on the pulse of a market, and creating a foundation for a deeper customer relationship are important. TBG is an especially effective partner for insight and market development projects.


Senior Director of Marketing - Customer & Product Marketing, Elsevier

The Boedeker Group helped support my higher ed product team’s market research, market development and market seeding efforts. We worked with a lot of vendors who performed similar jobs. The Boedeker Group was best in class. Setting aside how easy they are to work with, how well their group scales, what I valued most was the power and clarity of the market and product insight they provided. Gina and her team were game-changers for us. 


Vice President of Portfolio Management, Pearson Education

We’ve worked with The Boedeker Group on a variety of market development projects and we’re always thrilled with the results. No matter what the task, whether high-stakes or smaller potatoes, the Boedeker Group listens carefully, confirms what is needed, and executes. Gina has deep experience in our industry and her instincts about what is needed are right on. It’s a pleasure to work with people who deliver such a thoughtful and well-crafted end product. Looking forward to collaborating in the future!

Katie Crouch

Senior Portfolio Manager, McGraw Hill Education

Gina Boedeker is a true partner. A creative, customer-centered thinker, who has mastered the art of listening. She is an immediate asset to any company or team and has the rare ability to dissect complex problems and market conditions to find simple and actionable solutions. She is one of the most talented and passionate individuals I have had the pleasure of working with and I highly recommend her and her consulting group.

Patrick Brown

Vice President of Operations, Prompt Feedback

We love working with The Boedeker Group and have already planned out our market development activities for next year with them. They are professional, and always deliver quality work on time. Plus, they are lovely people who are fun to work with.

Sadie Ray

Senior Portfolio Manager, McGraw Hill Education

The Boedeker Group developed and managed market research for a prospective product. After an initial meeting to talk about the project, everything else was out of my hands. It was such a relief to hand off a big task and then be able to sit back and watch it happen. At each step, The Boedeker Group sought my review and approval, and they acted quickly and appropriately on all of my input. They really became members of my team! The final report was incredibly thorough and included both short-term and long-term follow-up opportunities. A really good value!

Liz Simmons

Program Manager, Macmillan Learning

Gina is very impressive. We asked for in-depth interviews to be done in one day and she delivered. We asked for her guidance on a rush quant study and she delivered. We will definitely be using her again!

Bill Bonnet

Senior Manager Consumer Insights, Chegg

Gina had an excellent way of digging into a very challenging market and gaining valuable insight. She was very proactive in her efforts and had great new ideas that brought a lot of value to the table. Between running focus groups, and having one-on-one conversations with our main customers, she always was able to provide insightful and quantifiable data to help us make decisions during our product development process. I would recommend using the Boedeker Group to anyone.

Ashley Bryan

Portfolio Manager, Pearson Education

Gina Boedeker is among the most reliable product and marketing minds in the business. During our time together at McGraw-Hill, I observed firsthand Gina’s entrepreneurial spirit and remarkable abilities in her multiple positions of increased responsibility and span of control. Central to her success is a relentless pursuit of understanding every customer and each unique use case. She test and re-tests assumptions and proposed solutions. She engenders trust and cultivates relationships easily, is naturally curious, and isn’t afraid to take risks to create meaningful products with clever branding and associated marketing campaigns. Gina is hyper-organized and consistently executes on her plans—always on time, usually early. Gina was considered a role model by her colleagues and by senior leadership, having grown market share and consistently launching new products that exceeded their top- and bottom-line forecasts. Finally, Gina exhibits uncommon humility and humanity and celebrates the success of others generously. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Steve Debow

Chief Executive Office, LingroLearning

Thank you so much for writing all of these detailed notes; I know how much time it takes just to collect them, let alone construct a thoughtful summary that is “bite sized” enough for a rep to be able to run with. I have never felt so solid going into a new edition of one of my programs. I really appreciate everything you and your team have done these last few months to make that possible. There are so many things that set TBG apart—you’re extremely detailed; you understand the larger purpose of the project and never lose sight of that; and you’re never lacking for ideas about how to solve a problem. I always had complete faith in your experience and expertise, but I wanted to make sure to tell you that you have done a truly awesome job here.

Sarah Remington

Portfolio Manager, Current Client (Large Educational Publisher)

I recently attended a Virtual Focus Group run by Gina Boedeker of The Boedeker Group. This particular webinar/focus group was EXCELLENTLY coordinated and facilitated. I appreciated how interactive it was, how we were encouraged to speak how the written comments were read aloud and also how the facilitator validated our comments not only during the workshop but after via email. Perhaps one of the best I’ve ever participated in.
Seriously… well done!

Kassia Wosick

Assistant Professor of Sociology, El Camino College



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