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Back to School Thanks from a Parent

Today I dropped my almost-4 year old at Pre-K4 for the start of her 2017-2018 school year. I know I’m not alone. There are a lot of us going through back-to-school drop-offs and pick-ups all across the country if we haven’t already gone through...

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Rethinking the Product Post-Mortem

Post-Mortems have gotten a bad rap. Caling it a “post-mortem” certainly doesn´t help - any kind of meeting that conjures up an image of a bluish-gray corpse lying under abrasive lighting in an all-white room on a stainless steel table could...

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Customer-Centered Product Reviews

I've launched The Boedeker Group with a very simple premise; put the customer at the center of all product and marketing decisions you make. There's one very simple reason that I'm willing to build a company around this: it works. Data, not...

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