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Gina Boedeker launched The Boedeker Group to bring the expertise developed through years of multiple, successful product launches in the educational technology industry to clients interested in creating and revising digital programs. An expert in the field, Gina helps her clients research their markets and create, revise, and effectively market digital programs. With over 17 years of educational publishing under her belt, her passion is clear: to change the student learning experience through high quality products.


As the team has grown, we have brought on more people who share that same passion. We love helping our clients create innovative and high-quality learning materials to reach the widest market possible and help every student succeed.

01. Results-focused

We’re obsessed about hitting our client’s goals and expectations. We ensure alignment from the beginning of each project, check in regularly, and deliver what’s expected. No surprises.

02. Data-driven

Data is in our DNA. We track everything so we can deliver the most detailed analysis to help your team make the best product decisions and build strategic marketing plans.

03. Flexible

Product plans change. Fortunately, we don’t fear change. We expect it, welcome it on arrival, and adapt as needed for each and every project.


04. A trusted extension of your team

Our clients trust us with their most important resource — their customers. As an extension of your team, providing world-class service is our trademark. We take pride in treating your customers as our own.


05. Transparent

We provide our clients with access to real-time progress on all of our activities and communicate milestones regularly.




06. We sweat the small stuff

The small stuff, when overlooked, becomes the big stuff. We deliver a great experience from kick-off to project-end. We sweat the small stuff (so you don’t have to.)




07. Experienced

From product and market development to editorial, sales, and marketing, our team of professionals has done it all with a top-performing track record.


A Team Of Professionals

Gina Boedeker

Gina Boedeker

Founder and CEO

Shelby Narike

Shelby Narike

Associate Project and Operations Manager

Penina Braffman

Penina Braffman

Director of Operations

Bill Minick

Bill Minick

Sr. Project Manager

Emily Pecora

Emily Pecora

Sr. Product Developer

Doriot Kim

Doriot Kim

Art Director

Julie Donahue

Julie Donahue


Looking to join
an amazing team?

Advisory Board

Mel Comer


Mel brings a combination of strategic planning, financial acumen, and operation skills honed through more than 20 years of experience as a CFO and COO to her advisorship at The Boedeker Group.

Mel earned her CPA while at EY, a Big 4 global accounting firm and moved to privately held entrepreneurial companies where she knew she’d have a greater impact. Her passion is in helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals and is rooted in the philosophy that success is achieved by having the right financial system in place to deliver timely, strategic insights that empower the entrepreneur’s ability to confidently make key business decisions.

Mel holds a CPA license from the State of NY, an Accounting for Blockchain certification from the AICPA, and has a B.B.A. from Pace University.

Chelsea Gibson


With over 20 years of diverse experience in corporate finance, Chelsea has been a strategic financial leader across a broad spectrum of businesses – from startups, to Fortune 100 companies, and now with a private-equity backed business. Chelsea is currently the CFO, Global Markets for Tag Worldwide, an end-to-end global creative production and sourcing business partnering with brands and agencies. Prior to joining Tag, she spent 6 years with American Express, where she focused primarily on strategic partnerships and OPEN, the small business network. She began her career at Stern Stewart & Co, and has also held positions in investment banking and at a media startup that went public in 2000.

Chelsea’s entrepreneurial spirit and passion for driving growth initially attracted her to The Boedeker Group. She has a deep belief that every employee makes daily decisions that impact growth and profitability – and should be empowered with information. She looks forward to partnering closely with the TBG team to expand their reach and deliver outstanding value to each client.

Bruce Eckfeldt


Bruce Eckfeldt is a consultant, coach, author, and speaker on organizational development and performance management. Originally an architect, he was a pioneer in the use of computer-aided design and 3D modeling. He later transitioned to software design and development, converting his spatial problem-solving skills to informational architecture and user experience design of digital software products.

Seeing the need for a more fast-paced and innovative approach to technology development, Bruce was an early adopter of Extreme Programming (an early Agile/Lean software methodology). He advanced the field as an early contributor to the Agile Conference and as the founder of Cyrus Innovation in 2003, one of the first Agile/Lean development consulting firms.

After more than a decade of developing products and coaching companies adopting Agile/Lean practices such as Extreme Programming, Scrum, Kanban, and other Lean methodologies, Bruce sold Cyrus in 2014 to focus on broader organizational development initiatives and served as interim CEO, COO, and other executive roles across a number of different high-tech and professional service companies leading these companies through periods of high growth and leadership transition.

Today, Bruce uses his experience as an entrepreneur and Inc 500 CEO to help high-growth companies scale more quickly with less drama. He is an expert in business and operational growth strategy, talent planning, performance coaching, and using Lean/Agile to achieve operational excellence.

Bruce has been in business and product strategy for over two decades and knows that truly innovative solutions are driven through the type of market research customer insights that The Boedeker Group delivers to its clients.


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The Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education

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