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For each project we take on, our client’s goals become our own. We deliver tailored solutions to help them create better products and reach a wider audience. Here’s a look at some of our recent projects and the amazing results we’ve delivered to our clients.


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Client Need: Secure sales during the product development phase

We had the opportunity to develop an all-digital program for one of our largest clients, a global learning company in the higher education space. Traditionally, the course area for their program had little digital usage. TBG partnered with them to collect feedback to improve the development of the product. We created and executed market development plans that included virtual focus groups, digital quick reviews, digital chapter reviews, and class tests. At the time of its launch, the product’s base of potential users was solidified, with the lead sheets showing the sales team that ​94.4%​ of the participants who completed our market development program were “likely” or “very likely” to adopt upon launch.

Client Need: Make informed business decisions about product portfolio based on data

In a crowded market, it can be difficult for companies to determine just how well their products are doing. Our team was approached by a global leader in healthcare education who needed market research to see how their products stacked up against the competition. They also required detailed feedback about key course areas instrumental to their growth, all within a quick timeline. We were able to provide the client with detailed market research that highlighted gaps in competitors’ coverage, emphasizing their value proposition and market positioning per course area. Through our in-depth analyses and feedback, we exceeded the client’s expectations and continue to provide additional market feedback to their teams.

Client Need: Expand reach into new and different markets

A leader in education technology sought our help in building out their digital offerings across a variety of course areas. TBG took on all aspects of product and market development in a variety of courses: updating content in their authoring tools, hiring and managing experts in the field to create content, revising instructor supplements, and ensuring all deliverables met accessibility guidelines. We reviewed every component of the product through course surveys, virtual focus groups, and market research. Our collaboration engaged with markets across the hard and soft side of their higher education business. The customer feedback we collected drove product decisions and built their base of potential customers. At the close of the project, our client’s refined product offering held greater appeal to a larger group of potential adopters across a variety of course areas.

Client Need: Successful new product launch

When an IT certifications industry leader reached out for a partner in implementing market development strategies, TBG happily jumped at the opportunity. The client’s goal was to ensure their upcoming launches would hit their sales goals. TBG started with the customers, vetting their list of potential prospects and providing criteria necessary for their largest market segments. We conducted virtual focus groups and held live one-on-one calls to better understand customer needs. We also customized a compelling digital walk-through to be used in reviews as well as sales demos. With a prosperous ending to this project, TBG was rehired the following semester to tee up another product for a second successful launch.

Client Need: Successfully relaunch existing product

Finding the right partner to relaunch a product can make or break the success of the endeavor. We were contacted by an educational technology startup in the K-12 space to help them reintroduce their product to the market. To regain the trust of the customers they had previously serviced and recapture adoptions, they needed to expand their reach in new school districts/users, create a new message for their company, and update their website and marketing collateral to best reflect these changes. In short, they needed a reliable and trusted marketing partner. They hired us for a year-long project. We took over all marketing responsibilities, interfaced with their sales team, and built influence campaigns with a thought leader in the space. Our deliverables included their 20-slide branded sales deck, sales enablement tools (rep talking points, objection strategies, and sell sheets), press releases, RFPs that resulted in three big wins, content marketing strategies, digital product demonstrations, email marketing, and SFDC campaigns. After a year-long engagement and successful relaunch of their product, the company was acquired by a larger educational publisher.


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