Questions to Ask a Potential Market Research Partner

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If you are looking for a trusted market research partner and you’re not sure how to best source companies that specialize in this area, below is a list of questions to consider when interviewing potential partners. 

Company Background/Experience:

– Can you provide an overview of your company and your history in the market research/insights and learning products space?
– How many years experience do you have?
– Can you provide examples of similar projects you’ve completed?

Research Methodologies:
– What research methodologies do you use most frequently?
– What would you recommend based on our needs?
– How do you ensure accuracy and reliability of your data?
– What kind of tools do you employ in your research process?

Sample and Data Collection:
– How do you source respondents?
– How do you ensure a representative sample?
– Can you discuss procedures for maintaining confidentiality and data security?

Customization and Flexibility:
– How do you tailor your research approach to meet the specific needs of a project or client?
– Can you adapt your methods if we have a particular requirement or constraints?
– How do you incorporate client feedback and input during the research process?

Reporting and Deliverables:
What types of deliverables can we expect (e.g. detailed reports, presentations, dashboards)? 
– Can you provide samples of your reports or deliverables from previous projects?
– How do you ensure your findings are actionable and aligned with our business objectives?
Do you offer support in interpreting the results and developing strategies based on your findings? 

Timeline and Communication:
What is your typical timeframe for a project similar to ours?
– How do you handle project management and ensure timely delivery of results?
– Who will be our main point of contact and how often can we expect updates on the progress?
– How do you manage changes and unexpected issues that arise during a project?

Cost and Budget: 
– What is your process for estimating projects?
– What factors influence the cost of a research project?
– Are there additional costs we should be aware of? 

Client References and Case Studies:
– Can you provide references from previous clients who had similar needs to ours?
– Do you have any case studies or success stories that demonstrate the impact of your research?
– Have you worked with companies in our industry and of a similar size?

Experience and Team:
– Who will be the key team members working on our project and what are their qualifications?
– What kind of training and experience does your team have?

While an interview will not include *all* of these questions, by asking about a company’s capabilities, methodologies, and fit for your company/project you will hopefully find a partner that you can trust.

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