Research in 15 Minutes a Day


By: Gina Boedeker

Most people I’ve met, when they think of research, they tend to think *big*:

✳️ Professional presentation of analysis in slick PPT slides
✳️ Thousands of participants in a statistically significant sample
✳️ Complicated analysis using specific methodologies that require statistical background

 It doesn’t always have to be this way! 

The truth is, the most important part about research is…
▶️ being curious
▶️ being disciplined
▶️ really listening

We’re in the research business. We deliver professionally designed presentations, many times with thousands of participants included in a study and use experienced researchers with strong analytical backgrounds.

But research is – and just as importantly – more informal.  Setting up a call or a Zoom to talk to a customer or potential customers and being genuinely curious about them:

❓What is most important to them when selecting a new product?
❓What do they like about what they’re using now?
❓What would they change?

How much more would you know about your market if you committed to just one 15-minute call per day to talk to a customer? ☎️


Multiply one call a day by 5 days in a week * 4 weeks in a month…  That’s *five hours* of research, your *own* research, becoming an expert in your space and understanding your customers.

Don’t let the overwhelming feeling of “RESEARCH!” keep you from starting. 

Get a Calendly link, get a list of customers or potential customers, and set aside 15 minutes a day to do your own qual research and you’ll be amazed at how powerful this type of feedback is.

Research can be overwhelming, I know. But, it doesn’t have to be. If you need big studies done, we’re here to help, of course. If you need a lot of calls conducted in a short amount of time to gather qual feedback, that’s also our jam. But also know that you can get a lot of great intel by simply making a daily call a part of your routine, and *really* listening.