We Sweat The Small Stuff (so you don’t have to)

I can’t remember exactly when I got the cute little trim-sized book of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson, but I remember always including it in moving boxes as I moved from St. Louis to Manhattan to Brooklyn back to Manhattan to Jersey City…it has an inspiring, powerful message and it has held a place on one of my bookcases for quite some time.

So, I’ll begin by saying that in no way am I suggesting that one should start stressing over all the little things in life that don’t matter. Perspective is beautiful thing. Now that this has been established — my point — sometimes the small stuff can have an over-sized impact on your customer’s overall perspective of your product, your mission, your brand. From how they are initially communicated with, to their interaction with everyone on the team, to the follow-up, to ongoing communication throughout the development of the project – it all adds up to what can be an overwhelmingly positive or negative experience for them.

So, to make it an overwhelmingly positive experience..

We sweat the small stuff.

Every day. When a client tells us that they want to run a series of focus groups or they want to get feedback on a new feature that’s being built in one of their digital programs they want to know that they’re hiring a team that they can completely trust. They want to know the team they are hiring is going to treat their customers the way they would themselves if they only had the time/bandwidth to take on all of the product and market development steps they know their program needs. They want to be able to see a demonstrable impact that justifies the investment.  We make sure they get that.

They don’t want to think about the small stuff.  And if they’re partnering with the right team, they shouldn’t have to. That’s where we come in. At the start of every project we spend enough time at the beginning to truly understand the goals of the project; who are you targeting, why are you targeting them specifically, what are your goals of this project, how do you want this communicated with you, how frequently, how are we ensuring – from start to stop that this is going to be a positive experience for your potential customers?  We spend the time sweating that small stuff so you can completely focus your time and attention in other areas with complete trust that your project is in the most capable hands.

The right partner brings peace of mind.

Clients who hire The Boedeker Group aren’t just hiring a team to check off the box some work that needs to get done for one of their digital products. They’re hiring a partner that can give them the peace of mind that their product is getting the attention it needs at a level that only experienced professionals in this industry can provide.

Let us think about the small stuff that adds up to make a great experience for your potential and current customers and see the demonstrable impact that we can have on your business.

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