When “No” Is the Best Response

By: Gina Boedeker

Today, I had a conversation with a potential client where I ended the conversation like this: “Technically, yes, you could hire our team to do this project. However, I think there are better, more efficient, and less expensive ways for you to get that

How To Segment Your Market To Get More Customers

WHAT IS MARKET SEGMENTATION? Market segmentation is breaking down your market into smaller, more specific groups. These groups will have similar characteristics so companies can more effectively market and sell into various segments. WHY SEGMENT YOUR MARKET? Most companies do not have the resources (internal or financial) to market to everyone and they recognize that … Read more

How To Write A Survey (that gets the feedback you need)

Surveys are an effective way of gathering information from your target audience to help you drive product development and marketing decisions, and make decisions about necessary changes in your product or service offering. Surveys, though, are only as good as the quality of the design at the outset. The tips below will help guide you … Read more

Important Yet Overlooked Hiring Requirements

Recently I posted an update on my LinkedIn profile saying “The Boedeker Group is growing and hiring new freelance market development, marketing and sales professionals” and linked to the job descriptions that listed in detail the kind of background and experience I am looking for (message me if you want more info). From the time … Read more

Back To School Thanks From A Parent

Today I dropped my almost-4 year old at Pre-K4 for the start of her 2017-2018 school year. I know I’m not alone. There are a lot of us going through back-to-school drop-offs and pick-ups all across the country if we haven’t already gone through it in the last couple of weeks. And while I’ve seen … Read more