What I Learned From Rookie Reps About Product Development

As a Brand Manager and then Managing Director for a large portfolio, I loved rookie reps. As soon as I would receive their in-company introductory email I would send them a welcome email to introduce myself, set up a time to speak with them to give them more detailed information about our products, and share … Read more

Let It Go? Tough Decisions In Product Development

When you are going through the product and market development steps that need to be taken to ensure that a product is on track to hit its expected revenue goal there is a strong possibility that if you’re doing this well and critically listening to the feedback you receive from the market at some point … Read more

Customer-Centered Product Reviews

I’ve launched The Boedeker Group with a very simple premise; put the customer at the center of all product and marketing decisions you make. There’s one very simple reason that I’m willing to build a company around this: it works. Data, not surprisingly, supports this. McKinsey and Company published that 70% of buying experiences are … Read more